Dr. Johan Egbert

The insane hermit engineer of the mountains.


Halfling, Alignment C,C,G
Level 15 Master Engineer, Level 6 Wizard


Dr.Johan Egbert is an ex-adventurer of the crown. He traveled alongside some of the greatest adventurers known in the Ares Kingdom. Including a famous fighter known only as “The Axe”.
Dr. Egbert is the only living known person to have ever gone through the Gate of Mar-kuhl, (Which supposedly leads to the last Dunmer Holy Ground.) and come back alive.
Dr.Egbert only stopped his adventuring due to an irritating curse that was placed upon him, which causes him to lose his sanity whenever he isn’t close enough to his home. (He refuses to explain why or how such an odd curse was placed upon him. Though he has mentioned that he caught it in a marsh on occasion.)

Regardless he now spends his time making potions and golems to do his work for him, that way he can spend the majority of his time looking for a way to break his curse.

Dr. Johan Egbert

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