Elza Draklow

The daughter of the founder of Draklow Village. Currently a wandering knight.


Elza was the daughter of the late Baroness of Draklow, Lady Grey Draklow. Her mother died giving birth to her, but passed on peacefully. Elza was raised by her grand parents, and trained by the Dragon Paladins of Ares. (Each noble is to offer their most worthy child to become a Dragon Paladin, and Elza was Lady Greys only child after all.)
Elza showed her worth in her training. She was an excellent warrior and could commune with lesser Dragons easily. Eventually at the age of 15 she graduated and became a D.Paladin herself.
She then began to live her life guarding the town of Draklow. Awaiting the call to action should the need arise.

During her battle with the group of assailants on the night of Draklows destruction her right arm was crippled. It now hangs limply by her side… Thank the heavens that she was left handed. (Because of that fact she killed Gamzee the gnome easily.She attacked while he thought she was disarmed. [no pun intended])
She now has abandoned her rank and her honor in order to seek revenge on Mordin and his party.

Elza Draklow

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