Travis Ruffolo

Resilient son of the lord Darius of Luin.


Travis was born of an uncommon mix. His father, Andrew Ruffolo, was a human, and his mother, Gethal Tagladderg, was a Dwarf. Despite his blood, however, as a child his appearance was not so different from those of his own age group and very few people actually knew that his mother came from the distant lands of the Dwarves. While many did not know any better, Travis knew all too well that his mother was a Dwarf …and that her blood coursed through him. While the dwarf in him made him stronger than most kids the human in him served to raise his center of gravity and lengthen his legs, providing him a lengthy stride that Dwarves did not have. Noticing his overall athletic build, his parents put that physique to use on the family ranch completing countless rigorous tasks which only served to make him stronger over the years.

While on the surface his body was a blessing, Travis, being born to a ranching family, saw it more of as a curse. His family had constant need of him and that dependency only increased once his mother bore a second child, a daughter, and could no longer afford to tax herself like she once could. Travis loved his baby sister Abetha very much, and while he loved his parents just as much he was a bit sour with them at times because, deep-down, he wished to make friends with those whom he went to school with but he could not do so because his parents had constant need of him at the ranch. Naturally, his detachment resulted in him being ostracized by his fellow schoolmates and lacking the necessary tools to act normally in many day to day social functions.

What Travis did not know is that the Ruffolo Ranch was not established by his parents out of necessity, as he had been led to believe, but because of a mutual agreement that they had come to. Travis’s parents, up until they had married, had nearly 50 years of combined adventuring under their belts and knew all too well that the world was in fact a very dangerous place and having inner strength to rely on at the right moment could very well save more than just ones own life. However they both also knew that adventurers were more often than not killed before they could even reach the latter-half of their lives so they decided upon a plan. They started a ranch, birthed a son, and trained him to have true inner strength so that he could make for himself a prosperous future …all the while never even hinting that that path could possibly lead to a life of adventuring.

Little did they know, that one day, not so far in the future, all of the training that Travis was doing (that he simply though of as work) would not be a luxury …but a complete necessity if he was to survive.

Travis Ruffolo

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