The Cult of Vulden

The cult of Vulden was the primary religion of the indigenous Dunmer of the country now known as Ares. The cult of Vulden has two major sects though they both worship the same Deity. “Vuldin the two-faced” (As his name implies he has two faces, one stoic, one insane.)
One side of the sect called themselves Stoi’morte’s. (Sto-E-mOrtess) They worshiped the null side of Vulden. They trained themselves to be indifferent to pain, pleasure, and everything else. The only trait they valued was being absolutely logical in all ways. Whereas the opposite side of the sect, known as the Dementi’morte’s. (Dee-menti-mOrtess) The Dementi’morte’s worshiped the insane side of Vuldin. They trained themselves to let go of logic and sacrifice their sanity to be closer to their god. The only trait they valued was the absolute bi-polar randomness that came from their people.

Despite their differences the Cult of Vuldins sects got along quite peacefully. They knew that although their beliefs were slightly different they both exampled the finest qualities of Vulden, and in that they were happy.

The Stoi’morte’s were known to be fierce warriors and terrifyingly brutal Knights. They knew the logic and flow of battle, and were able to control their minds and bodies accordingly.

The Dementi’morte’s were known to be incredibly powerful sorcerers. Through their insanity they tapped into the very magical energy that Vulden himself wielded. And with that energy they had the power to take away ones sanity. Through fear, illusion, and anarchy they dominated the battlefields.

The Cult of Vulden

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